Career Boom Predictions for 2022 (with Personality Breakdowns)

The past two years have sprung forth a new culture of Zoom ettiquette, remote and hybrid work, moonlighting, solopreneurship, as well as many more e-movements.

From our furry companions interrupting our virtual meetings to hilarious e-learning hiccups, communication via computer screens have brought a new perspective to our daily lives.

With more companies migrating to fully remote teams, career possibilities are widening up. We have the option to work as rigid or flexible as we prefer, which is exciting.

What are some careers that I predict will skyrocket in growth this year?

Read on to find out more about my career boom predictions for 2022 and the personality breakdowns of people who would excel in these roles.

1. Mental health specialist

The #MentalHealthIsHealth movement has proven itself to withstand the test of time. It’s bypassed the stage of stigmatization and has taken the world by storm. Traditional psychotherapy can often be extremely costly and time-consuming for people who need immediate assistance and advice. That’s when mental health specialists can help.

Superb mental health specialists will likely have the bread-and-butter S DISC type and score high in Agreeableness (A) as well as Openness (O).

2. Online moderator

With misinformation and fake news rampant across social media, online moderators are all set in demand for this year. Bonus points to people who have an expertise in public health as faulty information could harm their life. Online moderators have a responsibility to sift through incoming requests and information to maintain healthy online communities.

Online moderators will find their happy place with the C DISC type, low scores in Neuroticism (N), and high scores in Conscientiousness (C), as many virtual issues are time-sensitive and require a keen eye for detail.

3. Genetic counselor

Health is wealth. More so now than ever before. Genetic counselors use their science expertise to help people make decisions for themselves, their family, and children. They refer individuals to medical subspecialists to test for susceptibilities to potential diseases as well as developmental issues that may arise later in a lifespan.

Genetic counselors are typically the CS DISC type, with high Conscientiousness (C) and Agreeableness (A) scores.

4. Workplace diversity expert

Human resources is continuously evolving to meet the demands of the market—and employees. Equity and inclusion have been churning issues through this past decade and has evolved into a elephant-in-the-room situation. That’s when workplace diversity experts step in to re-evaluate the compositions and team dynamics of an organization to encourage equality and productivity.

Workplace diversity experts are likely the ID DISC type, with both people and management skills and high extraversion (E) scores.

5. Happiness engineer

Despite how fictional (and Pixar-esque) the title sounds, happiness engineers are the fairygodmothers (and fathers) of the workplace. They’re responsible for helping the entire organization with technical, psychological, and customer service issues. Many have WordPress and front-end coding experience. Kind of like a chipper jack-of-all-trades.

Happiness engineers are best suited for people with the IS DISC type, score high in Agreeableness (A), Extraversion (E) and Conscientiousness (C), and low in Neuroticism (N).

6. Cryptocurrency loan expert

Everyone and their great-grandmother has heard of cryptocurrency by this year, more than some pop artists. It’s a market that takes a while to navigate and understand—curious individuals who are interested in buying or selling would benefit from consulting a cryptocurrency loan expert before making a financial decision.

Cryptocurrency loan experts are typically the C DISC type, possess a keen eye for detail, which shows up in high Conscientiousness (C) scores and require low Neuroticism (N) scores as the cryptocurrency market is prone to massive fluctuations.

7. Physician assistant

The growing demand for doctors and nurses continues to rise as the uncertain nature of global health crises evolves. Physician assistants play an integral role in healthcare services and can provide care to many medicinal and surgical subspecialties. Their program typically takes 3–4 years to complete and successful assistants must pass a final exam.

Physician assistants are typically the SC DISC type, with high scores on Agreeableness (A) and low scores on Neuroticism (N) as the sometimes emotionally-taxing nature of their work requires a great deal of patience, empathy, and work ethic.

8. Data scientist (public health specialization)

Raw data without interpretation is next to useless. Data scientists transform statistics into meaningful charts, graphs, infographics, and more through software. Economic, geographic, biological trends all need to be interpolated and extrapolated. Data scientists hold responsibility to communicate their thoughts thoroughly through graphs, text, and speech.

Data scientists are often found to be the CD DISC type, with lower scores on Extraversion (E) and higher scores on Conscientiousness (C).

9. Career coach

The world of careers has grown exponentially since the introduction of fully remote teams. Career coaches help individuals identify their aptitudes, strengths, personality, and preferences to pinpoint several ideal career paths to embark upon. Like therapists, different coaches better help different people (coaching is actually quite similar to dating).

Career coaches best suit the DI DISC type, with people who score high in Openness (O) and Agreeableness (A), as coaching is a type of art paired with management.

10. Financial management educator

Financial literacy can be taught to children as early as primary school. Youth and adults can learn more complex topics to better manage their money. Credit scores, different types of loans, and savings accounts are crucial in a manageable financial portfolio to reduce unnecessary stress.

Financial management educators are likely the CD DISC type, with particularly high Conscientiousness (C) scores—as money management is literally a numbers game.

Cheers to a fantastic 2022—I’m excited to bring a bunch of amazing projects to life this year. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, always.