Cool New Career Course Annoucement on Type School!

Career Course

Hello all!

I’ve partnered with Type School to create a fun (but informative!) career course specifically designed for INTPs and INFPs to create a career they love using their Jungian cognitive functions.

This career course is a treat for you, personality typology fans.

Many people have reached out over the years for career coaching specifically according to their personality type. I currently use the Strong Interest Inventory and Extended DISC to coach.

This is an incredibly cost-efficient and affordable option on an awesome platform for anyone who relates most closely with the INTP or INFP personality types and prefers to learn at their own pace. It’s a steal, and I’m happy to be sharing this with you all!

With a variety of subscription options for the career course, you can choose what works with your career goals and budget.

What Type School Offers You

Established this year in 2023, Type School is a vibrant community that’ll host hundreds and thousands of personality typology discussions and live sessions open to everyone around the world.

You’ll have the opportunity to find your community within the four typology divisions or houses (similar to Hogwarts).

  • Weekly live events to learn personality typology with similar people
  • A tight-knit community of knowledge seekers and learners
  • Platform to share, post, and host
  • A chance to make new friends around the world!
  • Expert instructors in the personality typology space (you’ve seen many of them on Youtube!)
  • Resources and professionals at your fingertips
  • One-on-one accurate type sessions with experts to hone in on your type

Instead of thousands of unorganized social media threads, Type School has a sleek and effective navigational system. There’s a place for everything and even an app on Mighty Networks!

There’s a tutorial to help you find everything you need to have a wonderful experience everytime you enter the community.

Curious? Sign up is free and an opt out option is always available. There are (real!) reviews on all of our courses, so browse and select based on your type.

More Information About the Career Course on Type School

In How to Create a Career You Love for INTPs and INFPs, you’ll get insider tips on how to navigate your career path according to your personality, plus tips to get you on track through the process. And memes. An ample supply of memes.

The course is split into ten sections. You’ll find resume advice, answers to some of the most hotly debated topics in work, strategies for making action plans, and more. Of course, there’s an in-course chat available if you have any additional questions or concerns.

I’ve also scoured through the Internet to lay out a variety of helpful resources which you can access freely. There are prompts, brain teasers, and anecdotes that complement each lesson.

Psst: I really want to hear your self-directed career success stories!

As people take my career course on Type School and share comments and/or feedback, it’ll become better. Think of it as an continous, interative process. You’ll get access to so much more than just the course too, when you sign up!

Why I Created the Course

As a career coach, I get many messages asking for coaching services on a budget. I’m beyond grateful to be offered an opportunity (by Mengju Wu, also known as the super chill, super cool CEO of Type School) to share my knowledge in an actionable bundle.

And so How to Create a Career You Love for INTPs and INFPs was born!

It’s about time the personality typology world gets a new digital space besides the dumpster fire of misinformation that is Reddit (or worse, Twitter).

We used to have listicles that only rely on stereotypes. Now, we as personality typology experts have congregated to bring you the cream of the crop for all things personality.

All the advice in my career course is evergreen and yours to keep forever when you sign up on the site. Trust me—the sheer amount hard work and dedication our Type School instructors go through to create them for you all makes the experience worth it.

I personally started with a career course tailored for the INTP and INFP personality types because they share many similarities when it comes to career preferences and values.

They share secondary and tertiary functions: Extraverted Intuition (Ne) and Introverted Sensing (Si), respectively.

The key difference is how they approach their work according to their primary function, which is Introverted Thinking (Ti) for INTPs and Introverted Feeling (Fi) for INFPs. Coincidentally, I also have many INFPs asking for career advice. Enjoy!

What’s Next for You?

Hey, I dig the curiosity. There are always projects in the works—many are incubated and going under a rigoruous editing process. Lots of exciting stuff! A second course? A book? Maybe something else entirely?

On Type School specifically, I’ll try to be as active as I can (as social media is a challenge itself for me, I forget my passwords almost constantly due to how little I’m updating). If you’d like to propose any suggestions or additions, I’m all ears.

For now…enjoy the platform and what’s to come of the personality typology community. See you there—please do share some weird things you find on the Internet (or IRL, if you’re feeling brave) with me! Until then, take care and keep reading. I appreciate all of your lovely comments!

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