RIASEC Careers Guide

The Strong Interest Inventory built upon the RIASEC career codes (also known as the Holland Codes), which stands for:

  • Realistic (R)
  • Investigative (I)
  • Artistic (A)
  • Social (S)
  • Entreprising (E)
  • Conventional (C)

You can take the Holland Code test here.

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Read on to find out what RIASEC / Holland Code careers can bring out the best in your interests and talents!

Realistic (R)

Build, fix, tinker.

Realistic career ideas:

Investigative (I)

Research, theorize, understand.

Investigative career ideas:

Artistic (A)

Create, emote, reflect.

Artistic career ideas:

Social (S)

Connect, empathize, advise.

Social career ideas:

Enterprising (E)

Sell, commodify, change.

Enterprising career ideas:

Conventional (C)

Organize, streamline, categorize.

Conventional career ideas: