About | Lily Yuan

Welcome to Lily Yuan’s personality psychology blog—a mélange of research and data storytelling.

Lily Yuan is a personality psychology writer and researcher who visualizes psychometric data, to tell compelling stories. She also offers paid career coaching support.

As an advocate for open science, she shares interesting insights and tidbits of information on the ever-evolving study of personality psychology, under different domains.

She enjoys exploring personality typology concepts and models for leisure, such as the Jungian cognitive functions, Enneagram, and Socionics.

Check out her new self-directed career course specifically tailored for the INTP and INFP personality types.

She also creates minimalist digital designs.

Other areas of research interest include: auditory beat stimulation (ABS), poker theory, behavioral epigenetics, cyberpsychology, neurolinguistics, behavioral economics, and sociocybernetics—to name a few.

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PS: All views on this site are her own. (Aside from guest posts.)